Colorshock Quinn Milton

ISBN: 1453833382



377 pages


Colorshock  by  Quinn Milton

Colorshock by Quinn Milton
| Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, RTF | 377 pages | ISBN: 1453833382 | 3.20 Mb

Colorshock is the drug of choice in the city of LuxCultum. An iridescent liquid harvested from Winters aura, colorshock has the potential to enlighten, empower, and-- if abused-- mutate the user. Everyone uses it: Street Level gangsters trying to strengthen that chakra chi energy, their color that can be manifested an used as a weapon- factory workers stranded in the middle levels, trying to entertain themselves- even Upper District adults who want another taste of the color-chi they lost once they reached maturity. Sure, everyone may claim to have their own motivations, but deep down each shock head shoots up for the same reason: escape.

In a world where LuxCultum is the only civilization, Colorshock is the one thing that gives a sense of the otherworldly. That is, until a young musician named Jack drops into the Street Level, claiming to be from another world entirely-- a menagerie of time lines called the City of All Cities where everything is in black and white, except for music. Jack cant exist. He shouldnt exist, but now hes the only person who can figure out the connection between these two city-worlds, and colorshock is the key.

But can Jack solve the puzzle before the drug takes him under?

Enter the sum

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