Bump in the Night (Volume 1) Olivia Scott-Hill



Kindle Edition

71 pages


Bump in the Night  (Volume 1)  by  Olivia Scott-Hill

Bump in the Night (Volume 1) by Olivia Scott-Hill
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, RTF | 71 pages | ISBN: | 4.36 Mb

Demon Erotica BundleThis collection contains three hot short stories that feature naughty women daring to seduce/be seduced by creatures that go bump in the night. Each of the stories were previously published but they are now bundled together for the very first time!Her Sweet Desire - (5100+ words)Taffy has waited 19 years for her first time, but she’s not prepared for it to be with just anyone. A legend exists in her town. It’s a legend of a farm boy turned demon, the candy coated evil Mr. Sweets.She musters up the courage to summon him but he denies her.

Frustrated, she begins to play a game of cat and mouse that angers him so much he decides to give her exactly what she wants.She expects Mr. Sweets be her first, but what he really wants is control.This filthy story features an evil demon stalking the main character, BDSM, and the usage of a variety of candies and desserts as sex toys.Devils Threesome - (5100+ words)It’s the night before Halloween and self proclaimed ugly duckling Emma and her hot best friends Aiden and Taylor are looking for a thrill.

The boys want to hit up a bar, but Emma deems the idea lame.Then Taylor suggests they visit the local cemetery. There is a secret beyond the iron gates that he wants to share with his friends. He leads them through the dark woods and into a long forgotten graveyard for “undesirables” that includes the graves of some women who were hanged for witchcraft.A statue of a woman wrapped in a snake stands in graveyard’s center and Emma finds herself drawn to it.

She touches the snake, becomes possessed, and finds herself starving…for men.This story features a male/male/female threesome, demon possession, double penetration, mind control, and a curvy virgin who seduces her two sexy best friends in a filthy graveyard.Comes The Boogeyman - (6000+ words)Ella and her friends made a terrible mistake one dark night but they were lucky enough to get away with it. At least, thats what they thought until Ellas friend Sam comes to her covered in bites she claims she got in her sleep.

Ella thinks shes crazy...until Ella starts dreaming about someone from the past too and she awakens with a bite mark of her own.Ella should be scared, but she finds herself craving these nighttime visits. She says she wants him to leave but he can read her mind and he knows better.

Shes lost all control of her dreams to the Boogeyman and hes come to collect...her body.This filthy story features an evil demon stalking the main character, BDSM, and fisting.All characters in all stories are fictional and over 18.The stories contained in the bundle are only suitable for people 18 and up.

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